Floor Drain Covers

It can be hard to find replacement drain covers for your home or garage. Back in the day, each city had its own standard when it came to size. Due to the lack of standardization, we stock a large assortment of sizes from 2-13/16" all the way up to 14". We have general-purpose cast iron strainers, plastic strainers, some bell strainers, as well as heavy-duty strainer grates in both round and square sizes! Unfortunately, there are still many sizes that we are simply not able to get because they are too uncommon or not available at the retail level.

We hope that you can find what you need on our website! Our floor drain covers are organized mainly by size, but if you want to see all that we offer within a range of sizes, please use the sub-category breakdown to the left. We recommend that you always measure twice and order once! If you are in-between two sizes, we always recommend going for the smaller choice. The lip at the top of the drain is often capable of grabbing the edge of a strainer that is a little bit small (up to 1/4" less than the overall opening). If you are looking for something slightly different than what we offer or are looking for more quantity than what is available on our website, please let us know! We can be reached by phone or email in regards to special order requests.

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