Brabantia Solid Company

Brabantia solid company manufacturers quality waste storage, food storage, and laundry care products.  There simple designs are stylish yet highly functional.  Here on our website, you will notice a full selection of replacement bin liners for their waste storage solutions, as well as the full assortment of ironing board covers for their high quality ironing tables. 

All of Brabantia's other solutions are currently not available to us, so we apologize for the inconvenience.  If you are in search for any of their waste bins, food storage bins, drying racks, or ironing boards, we would recommend that you go to the Brabantia USA website and look for a retailer in your area. 

Waste Storage solutions include pedal bins, retro pedal bins, touch bins, and sensor bins.  Specific bin liners are made for each of their trash cans which create a custom and clean look.  For the kitchen, Brabantia bread bins and food storage solutions are smart and stylish.  They will keep your bread fresher and self contained. Brabantia also has many laundry care solutions.  Their ironing boards and covers are made with the customer in mind.  The ironing boards are made with heavy duty legs and wide ironing board surfaces; and the replacement covers are sized to fit with a smart cord-and-stretch system that keeps the cover taut and crease free.  Brabantia also have a variety of drying rack solutions, including Lift-o-Matic rotating dryers as well as the Wallfix mountable drying rack.

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