Deer Scram

Deer Scram: Deer and Rabbit Repellent

Deer Scram is an all natural, organic deer and rabbit repellent that can be used year round. Unlike most animal repellents that are applied to the foliage of plants, Deer Scram is applied as a perimeter barrier to plants.  This makes it possible to repel deer and rabbits year round.  Most people think that they don't have to worry about their plants in the winter, but you would be wrong.  Deer are looking for anything to eat in the middle of the winter to get them through the tough long months of winter.  Since plants won't absorb anything through their foliage during the winter, Deer Scram is one of the few viable choices.

Unlike many animal repellents that have a foul smell to them, Deer Scram has hardly any odor to the human nose.  It simply smells like a mild fertilizer.  Try a small bucket to see how you like it.  Deer Scram is so confident that you will get results with their product that they offer a money back guarantee if their product doesn't help keep your local deer and rabbits away from your plants!

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