Rack Sack - "Cabinet Door Trash System"

The smart solution to trash! Rack Sack produces wire frame racks that mount to the inside of cabinet doors to hold your garbage. Their frames provide an efficient, compact way to keep your trash hidden from sight but still accessible.

Rack Sack manufactures a kitchen frame and a bathroom frame. The Kitchen Rack Sack frame is designed to hold either 3 or 5 gallon Rack Sack Refill Bags. The Bathroom Frame is a smaller profile, which can only withstand a 1 gallon Rack Sack Bag. Both frames are equipped with a compartment to fit the 25 Rack Sack Refill Bags for their respective sized frame.

Rack Sack manufactures refill bags that are specifically designed to fit their kitchen and bathroom Rack Sack Frames. Rack Sack bags are coated with an Odor Guard Protection. If you have a frame produced before 2006 or after, Rack Sack Bags will fit your model.